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SCHEDULE 5U.K. Amendments of public records legislation

Part IU.K. Amendments of Public Records Act 1958

Power to extend meaning of “public records”U.K.

4In Schedule 1 to that Act (definition of public records) after the Table at the end of paragraph 3 there is inserted—

3A(1)Her Majesty may by Order in Council amend the Table at the end of paragraph 3 of this Schedule by adding to either Part of the Table an entry relating to any body or establishment—

(a)which, at the time when the Order is made, is specified in Schedule 2 to the Parliamentary Commissioner Act 1967 (departments, etc. subject to investigation), or

(b)in respect of which an entry could, at that time, be added to Schedule 2 to that Act by an Order in Council under section 4 of that Act (which confers power to amend that Schedule).

(2)An Order in Council under this paragraph may relate to a specified body or establishment or to bodies or establishments falling within a specified description.

(3)An Order in Council under this paragraph shall be subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of either House of Parliament.