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SCHEDULE 1E+W+S Particular purposes for which provision may be made under section 2

Part IE+W+S List of purposes

Enforcement and offencesE+W+S

14(1)Conferring on regulators functions with respect to the monitoring and inspection of the carrying on of activities to which permits relate, including—E+W+S

(a)power to take samples or to make copies of information;

(b)power to arrange for preventive or remedial action to be taken at the expense of holders of permits.

(2)Authorising regulators to appoint suitable persons to exercise any such functions and conferring powers (such as those specified in section 108(4) of the M1Environment Act 1995) on persons so appointed.

Marginal Citations

15(1)Authorising regulators to serve on holders of permits—E+W+S

(a)notices requiring them to take remedial action in respect of contraventions, actual or potential, of conditions to which their permits are subject;

(b)notices requiring them to provide such financial security as the regulators serving the notices consider appropriate pending the taking of remedial action in respect of any such contraventions;

(c)notices requiring them to take steps to remove imminent risks of serious environmental pollution (whether or not arising from any such contraventions).

(2)Providing for the enforcement of such notices by proceedings in the High Court or any court of competent jurisdiction in Scotland.

16Authorising regulators to suspend the operation of permits so far as having effect to authorise the carrying on of activities to which they relate.

17The creation of offences and dealing with matters relating to such offences, including—

(a)the provision of defences; and

(b)evidentiary matters.

18Enabling, where a person has been convicted of an offence under the regulations—

(a)a court dealing with that person for the offence to order the taking of remedial action (in addition to or instead of imposing any punishment); or

(b)a regulator to arrange for such action to be taken at that person’s expense.