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Food and Environment Protection Act 1985

Newidiadau i ddeddfwriaeth:

Ar hyn o bryd nid oes unrhyw effeithiau heb eu gweithredu yn hysbys ar gyfer y Food and Environment Protection Act 1985. Help about Changes to Legislation


Changes to Legislation

Revised legislation carried on this site may not be fully up to date. At the current time any known changes or effects made by subsequent legislation have been applied to the text of the legislation you are viewing by the editorial team. Please see ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ for details regarding the timescales for which new effects are identified and recorded on this site.

  1. Introductory Text


    1. Emergency orders etc.

      1. 1. Power to make emergency orders.

      2. 2. Powers of Ministers when emergency order has been made.

    2. Investigation and enforcement

      1. 3. Authorisation of investigating officers and enforcement officers.

      2. 4. Powers of officers.


    1. Licensing

      1. 5. Requirement of licences for deposit of substances and articles in the sea etc.

      2. 6. Requirement for licences for incineration at sea etc.

      3. 6A.A licence under this Part of this Act is needed...

      4. 7. Exemptions.

      5. 7A. Application of Part II: further provisions.

      6. 8. Licences.

      7. 8A.Electronic communications apparatus: operations in tidal waters etc

    2. Offences relating to licensing system etc.

      1. 9. Offences relating to licensing system.

      2. 10. Power to take remedial action.

    3. Enforcement

      1. 11. Powers of officers.

      2. 12. Enforcement of Conventions.

    4. Miscellaneous

      1. 13. Powers of Ministers to test and to charge for testing.

      2. 14. Duty of licensing authority to keep public registers of information.

      3. 15. Repeal of Dumping at Sea Act 1974, consequential amendments and transitional provisions.

  4. Part III Pesticides Etc.

    1. 16. Control of pesticides etc.

    2. 17. Codes of practice.

    3. 18. Payments for general purposes of Part III.

    4. 19. Enforcement powers.

  5. Part IV General and Supplementary

    1. 20. Application to Crown etc.

    2. 21. Offences—penalties etc.

    3. 22. General defence of due diligence.

    4. 23. Financial provisions.

    5. 24. Interpretation.

    6. 25. Northern Ireland.

    7. 26. Channel Islands etc.

    8. 27. Commencement.

    9. 28. Short title.


    1. SCHEDULE 1

      Emergency Prohibitions

      1. Part I Activities that may be Prohibited in a Designated Area

        1. 1.An emergency order may prohibit any of the following in...

      2. Part II Movements of Food Etc. that may be Prohibited

        1. 2.An emergency order may prohibit the movement of food or...

      3. Part III Activities that may be Prohibited Throughout the United Kingdom

        1. 3.An emergency order may prohibit any of the following ....

        2. 4.A prohibition of a kind specified in paragraph 3 above...

    2. SCHEDULE 2

      Officers and their Powers

      1. Introductory

        1. 1.In this Schedule “officer” means— (a) an investigating officer;

      2. Assistants for officers etc.

        1. 2.(1) An officer may take with him, to assist him...

      3. Power to question

        1. 2A.(1) If an officer is carrying out functions conferred by...

      4. Powers in relation to vessels, aircraft etc.

        1. 3.(1) In order to perform functions under Part I or...

      5. Containers etc.

        1. 4.(1)Without prejudice to his powers under any other provision of...

      6. Evidence of officers’ authority

        1. 5.(1) An officer shall be furnished with a certificate of...

      7. Time of performance of functions

        1. 6.An officer must perform his functions under this Act at...

      8. Entry into dwellings

        1. 7.(1) An officer may only enter a dwelling for the...

      9. Power of officer to use reasonable force

        1. 8.An officer may use reasonable force, if necessary, in the...

      10. Protection of officers

        1. 9.An officer shall not be liable in any civil or...

      11. Offences

        1. 10.Any person who— (a) intentionally obstructs an officer in the...

    3. SCHEDULE 3

      Licences—Right to make Representations etc.

      1. 1.If within 28 days of the issue of a licence...

      2. 2.On issuing a licence to a person a licensing authority...

      3. 3.If a licensing authority refuses an application for a licence,...

      4. 4.If a licensing authority varies or revokes a licence without...

      5. 5.If within 28 days of receipt of a notice under...

      6. 6.A notice under this Schedule giving a licensing authority’s reasons...

      7. 7.Each licensing authority shall draw up and from time to...

      8. 8.If a licensing authority constitutes a committee, the authority shall...

      9. 9.It shall be the duty of the chairman--

      10. 10.A notice under paragraph 9(b) above shall not specify a...

      11. 11.If he expresses a wish to make oral representations, the...

      12. 12.The committee shall consider-- (a) the reasons given by the...

      13. 13.The licensing authority shall notify the person who made the...

      14. 14.Subject to paragraph 15 below, a licensing authority may pay...

      15. 15.No payment shall be made in a case where the...

      16. 16.A licensing authority may make arrangements for securing that such...

      17. 17.A licensing authority may pay-- (a) such fees and allowances...

    4. SCHEDULE 4

      1. Particulars to be Contained in Registers

      2. Part I Licences for Deposit or Incineration or Associated Operations

        1. 1.The name of the holder of the licence.

        2. 2.The period of the licence.

        3. 3.The name, where known, of the producer of the substances...

        4. 4.Their description and quantity.

        5. 5.Their country of origin, where known.

        6. 6.The site at which it was intended to deposit or...

        7. 7.The place from which it was intended that they should...

        8. 8.The nature of any container or packaging in which it...

        9. 9.The results of any toxicity tests carried out for the...

      3. Part II Licences for Scuttling or Associated Operations

        1. 10.The name of the holder of the licence.

        2. 11.The period of the licence.

        3. 12.The name of the owner of the vessel.

        4. 13.A description of the vessel.

        5. 14.The site at which it was intended to scuttle it....

        6. 15.The place from which it was intended that it should...

    5. SCHEDULE 5

      The Advisory Committee

      1. 1.The Ministers shall jointly appoint the members of the committee,...

      2. 1A.The committee shall include one member appointed by the Ministers...

      3. 2.The committee shall, at such time in each year as...

      4. 3.The Ministers may jointly make provision by regulations with respect...

      5. 4.The Ministers shall provide the committee with such staff and...

      6. 5.The Ministers may pay to the members of the committee...

      7. 6.The Ministers shall defray any expenses incurred with their approval...

      8. 7.The committee shall not be taken to be the servant...

      9. 8.Regulations under this Schedule shall be made by statutory instrument...

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