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Section 53.

SCHEDULE 14E+W+S Applications for Certain Orders Under Part III

Form of applicationsE+W+S

1An application shall be made in the prescribed form and shall be accompanied by—

(a)a map drawn to the prescribed scale and showing the way or ways to which the application relates; and

(b)copies of any documentary evidence (including statements of witnesses) which the applicant wishes to adduce in support of the application.

Notice of applicationsE+W+S

2(1)Subject to sub-paragraph (2), the applicant shall serve a notice stating that the application has been made on every owner and occupier of any land to which the application relates.E+W+S

(2)If, after reasonable inquiry has been made, the authority are satsified that it is not practicable to ascertain the name or address of an owner or occupier of any land to which the application relates, the authority may direct that the notice required to be served on him by sub-paragraph (1) may be served by addressing it to him by the description “owner” or “occupier” of the land (describing it) and by affixing it to some conspicuous object or objects on the land.

(3)When the requirements of this paragraph have been complied with, the applicant shall certify that fact to the authority.

(4)Every notice or certificate under this paragraph shall be in the prescribed form.

Determination by authorityE+W+S

3(1)As soon as reasonably practicable after receiving a certificate under paragraph 2(3), the authority shall—E+W+S

(a)investigate the matters stated in the application; and

(b)after consulting with every local authority whose area includes the land to which the application relates, decide whether to make or not to make the order to which the application relates.

(2)If the authority have not determined the application within twelve months of their receiving a certificate under paragraph 2(3), then, on the applicant making representations to the Secretary of State, the Secretary of State may, after consulting with the authority, direct the authority to determine the application before the expiration of such period as may be specified in the direction.

(3)As soon as practicable after determining the application, the authority shall give notice of their decision by serving a copy of it on the applicant and any person on whom notice of the application was required to be served under paragraph 2(1).

Appeal against a decision not to make an orderE+W+S

4(1)Where the authority decide not to make an order, the applicant may, at any time within 28 days after service on him of notice of the decision, serve notice of appeal against that decision on the Secretary of State and the authority.E+W+S

(2)If on considering the appeal the Secretary of State considers that an order should be made, he shall give to the authority such directions as appear to him necessary for the purpose [F1(which may include a direction as to the time within which an order is to be made)].

Textual Amendments

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5(1)In this Schedule—E+W+S

(2)Regulations under this Schedule shall be made by statutory instrument which shall be subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of either House of Parliament.

Textual Amendments

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