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X1 SCHEDULE 10U.K. Amendment of the Endangered Species (Import and Export) Act 1976

Editorial Information

X1The text of Sch. 7 paras. 3-12 and Sch. 10 is in the form in which it was originally enacted: it was not reproduced in Statutes in Force and does not reflect any amendments or repeals which may have been made prior to 1.2.1991.

Part IU.K. The Amendments

Expenses of returning animals and plants to the wildU.K.

2After subsection (8) of section 1 of the 1976 Act there shall be inserted the following subsection—

(9)Where, in the case of a live animal or a plant of any kind which is condemned or deemed to be condemned as forfeited, the Commissioners of Customs and Excise incur any expenses in connection with, or with a view to—

(a)its return to the wild ; or

(b)its being kept at premises (whether within or outside the United Kingdom) which are suitable for the keeping of animals or plants of that kind,

those expenses may be recovered, as a debt due to the Crown, from the importer or intending exporter of the animal or plant or any person possessing or having control of it at the time of its seizure.

In this subsection expressions which are also used in the Customs and Excise Management Act 1979 have the same meanings as in that Act.