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Development of Tourism Act 1969

Newidiadau i ddeddfwriaeth:

Ar hyn o bryd nid oes unrhyw effeithiau heb eu gweithredu yn hysbys ar gyfer y Development of Tourism Act 1969. Help about Changes to Legislation


Changes to Legislation

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  1. Introductory Text

  2. Part I The Tourist Authority and the Tourist Boards

    1. 1. Establishment of British Tourist Authority, English Tourist Board.

    2. 2. General functions and powers.

    3. 3. General schemes of assistance for tourist projects.

    4. 4. Execution of particular tourist projects.

    5. 4A.Execution of particular tourist projects: Wales (1) The National Assembly...

    6. 5. Miscellaneous duties and powers.

    7. 6. Accounts and information.

  3. Part II Financial Assistance for Hotel Development

    1. Hotel development grants

      1. 7. Grants for provision of new hotels.

      2. 8. Grants for extension or alteration of existing hotels.

      3. 9. Grants for provision of certain fixed equipment.

      4. 10. Recipient of grant to be occupier or lessor of hotel.

      5. 11. Rates of grant.

      6. 12. Conditions of grant.

    2. Loans for hotel development

      1. 13. Power to make loans.

    3. Supplementary provisions

      1. 14. General restrictions on the making of grants and loans.

      2. 15. Period of eligibility.

      3. 16. Interpretation of Part II.

  4. Part III Miscellaneous and General

    1. 17. Registration of tourist accommodation.

    2. 18. Notification of prices of accommodation.

    3. 19. Directions.

    4. 20. Financial provisions.

    5. 21. Short title, interpretation, commencement and extent.


    1. SCHEDULE 1

      The Tourist Boards

      1. Incorporation and status

        1. 1.Each of the Tourist Boards (in this Schedule referred to...

        2. 2.The Board shall not be regarded as the servant or...

      2. Membership

        1. 3.A member of the Board shall hold and vacate his...

        2. 4.Any member of the Board may at any time by...

        3. 5.(1) If the relevant Minister is satisfied that a member...

      3. Remuneration

        1. 6.The Board shall pay to its members such salaries, fees...

        2. 7.The Board shall, as regards any members in whose case...

        3. 8.If a person ceases to be a member of the...

        4. 9.The relevant Minister shall, as soon as possible after the...

      4. Staff

        1. 10.The Board may appoint such officers and servants as it...

        2. 11.The Board shall, in the case of such of its...

      5. Proceedings

        1. 12.The validity of any proceedings of the Board shall not...

        2. 13.The quorum of the Board and the arrangements relating to...

        3. 14.A member of the Board who is in any way...

        4. 15.The fixing of the seal of the Board shall be...

        5. 16.Any document purporting to be a document duly executed under...

      6. Requirement of approval of Minister for the Civil Service

        1. 17.The approval of the Treasury shall be required for the...

      7. Interpretation

        1. 18.In paragraphs 3 to 9 of this Schedule, references to...

    2. SCHEDULE 2

      Enforcement of Conditions of Grant

      1. Power to call for information

        1. 1.(1) A Tourist Board may by notice require any person...

      2. Power to enter and inspect premises

        1. 2.(1) Any person duly authorised in that behalf by a...

      3. Failure to comply with condition requiring notification of event on which grant becomes repayable

        1. 3.(1) Any person who without reasonable excuse fails to comply...

      4. Offences by bodies corporate

        1. 4.(1) Where an offence under this Schedule committed by a...

    3. SCHEDULE 3

      Fixed Equipment Eligible for Grant Under Section 9 of this Act

    4. SCHEDULE 4

      Expenditure Incurred by Predecessor in Title or Lessor

      1. Interpretation

        1. 1.(1) In this Schedule— “lease” includes a sublease and an...

      2. Expenditure incurred by predecessor in title of occupier or lessor

        1. 2.Subject to paragraph 3 of this Schedule, where—

      3. Expenditure incurred by lessor

        1. 3.(1) This paragraph applies where expenditure eligible for a grant...

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