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Part 4EProcedure for making pastoral church buildings schemes

Procedure for schemesE

25Amendment of draft schemesE

(1)The Commissioners—

(a)at the request of the bishop made after consultation with the mission and pastoral committee, or

(b)as a result of any representations,

may amend any draft scheme prepared by them under this Part, but any amendments made as a result of any representations shall only be made with the agreement of the bishop given after consultation with the committee.

(2)If any such amendments, other than any amendments which, in the opinion of the Commissioners, are such as are described in section 30(1), are made, the amended draft scheme shall be treated in the same manner as an original draft scheme, and section 24 shall apply accordingly.

[F1(3)The power under subsection (1) to amend a draft scheme includes power to amend it so that it would give effect instead to proposals included in representations made to the Commissioners on the draft; and where the Commissioners make amendments of that kind—

(a)subsection (2) does not apply, and

(b)the Commissioners shall instead carry out such consultation on the amended draft scheme as they think appropriate.]

Textual Amendments

Commencement Information

I1S. 25 in force at 1.7.2012 by S.I. 2012/1, art. 2