PART 6Dispute resolution


38.—(1) If, after consideration of the application under regulation 37(1) and any representations regarding it, the scheme administrator considers that there is a reasonable ground for believing that the adjudicator may have erred in fact or in law, the scheme administrator must accept the application and refer the decision of the adjudicator under regulation 36 for review by an adjudicator who was not involved in deciding the original referral.

(2) The adjudicator carrying out the review under paragraph (1) may—

(a)affirm the decision made under regulation 36; or

(b)substitute a different decision for that decision,

and in either case must give notice of the review decision in accordance with regulation 36(2).

(3) A decision of an adjudicator under paragraph (2) on a review is final.

(4) The scheme administrator must repay the tenancy deposit in accordance with the adjudicator’s decision on the review within 5 working days of receipt of the notice of that decision