Regulations 3(5) and 4(5)


PART IIDocuments and Particulars to Accompany an application for a SEM Operator Licence

1.  Current statements of the accounts kept by the applicant in respect of any undertaking carried on by him, showing the financial state of affairs of that undertaking and its profit or loss, and the statement for the most recent period, together with copies of the latest audited annual accounts where such have been prepared.

2.  An outline statement of the business proposals, for that business of the applicant to which the application relates, for the next five years, which includes:

(a)particulars of the person or persons the applicant intends to oversee within the SEM in Northern Ireland

(b)the total estimated number of participants to be administered

(c)annual forecasts of costs and revenues and project financing stating the assumptions underlying the figures provided.

3.  Details of any expected subsequent capital outflows.

4.  Estimates of net annual cash flows for subsequent periods sufficient to demonstrate the financial security and feasibility of the project(s) to which the application relates.

5.  Application fee £500.

6.  A copy of the application to be published in the Belfast Gazette and in a newspaper or newspapers circulating in Northern Ireland. A copy of the Belfast Gazette and of each newspaper in which the application is published shall be delivered to or sent by prepaid post to the Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation, Queens House, 14 Queen Street, BELFAST BT1 6ER.

7.  Name(s) of person or persons to contact regarding information contained in or accompanying this application.