Death grants

Death grants

41.—(1) If a member dies, the Committee at its absolute discretion may make payments to or for the benefit of the member’s nominee or personal representatives or any person appearing to the Committee to have been his relative or dependant at any time.

(2) The aggregate amount paid under paragraph (1) must not exceed the member’s death grant.

(3) The multiplier for an active member’s death grant is 2.

(4) The multiplier for a deferred member’s death grant is the same as for his retirement grant.

(5) The multiplier for a pensioner member’s death grant is 5, but the amount so calculated is reduced by the amounts of any retirement pension paid to him.

(6) The multiplier for the death grant of a member who remains in service after his 65th birthday as referred to in regulation 27 is whichever of –

(a)2, or

(7) If the Committee has not made payments under paragraph (1) equalling in aggregate the member’s death grant before the expiry of the period of 2 years beginning with his death, it must pay an amount equal to the shortfall to the member’s personal representatives.

(8) For these Regulations, any payments made under paragraph (1) must be treated as payments made by way of death grant.