SCHEDULEAnthrax (Vaccination) Scheme (Northern Ireland) 2000

Vaccination and treatment

2.—(1) An authorised officer may serve on the occupier or person in charge of any premises a notice requiring him to arrange for the vaccination or the vaccination and treatment of animals kept on the premises to be carried out in such a manner and within such a period as may be specified in the notice.

(2) A notice served under sub-paragraph (1) may be amended or revoked at any time by a further notice served by an authorised officer on the person on whom the notice under sub-paragraph (1) was served.

(3) Where a notice is served on any person under sub-paragraph (1) he shall comply with the requirements thereof.

(4) If the requirements of a notice served under sub-paragraph (1) are not complied with the Department may, without prejudice to any proceedings for an offence arising out of the default, carry out or cause to be carried out those requirements, and any expenses reasonably incurred by the Department in doing so shall be recoverable from the occupier of the premises as a civil debt.

(5) In sub-paragraphs (3) and (4) the references to a notice served under sub-paragraph (1) shall include a reference to a notice served under that sub-paragraph which has been amended by a notice served under sub-paragraph (2).