Voluntary homes

Application for registration

80.—(1) An application for the registration of a voluntary home shall be made—

(a)by the person carrying on, or intending to carry on, the home; and

(b)to the authority in whose area the home is, or is to be, situated.

(2) The application shall be made in the prescribed manner and shall be accompanied by such particulars as may be prescribed.

(3) If the authority is satisfied that a voluntary home with respect to which an application has been made in accordance with this Part complies or (as the case may be) will comply—

(a)with such requirements as may be prescribed, and

(b)with such other requirements (if any) as appear to the authority to be appropriate,

the authority shall grant the application, either unconditionally or subject to conditions imposed under Article 81.

(4) Before deciding whether or not to grant an application the authority shall comply with any prescribed requirements.

(5) Regulations made for the purposes of paragraph (4) may, in particular, make provision as to the inspection of the home in question at prescribed times.

(6) Where an application is granted, the authority shall notify the applicant that the home has been registered under this Part as from such date as may be specified in the notice.

(7) Where an application is granted subject to conditions imposed under Article 81, the authority shall also notify the applicant of those conditions.

(8) If the authority is not satisfied as mentioned in paragraph (3), it shall refuse the application.