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Article 9U.K.+E.U.Prohibitions

1.To prevent the exposure of workers to health risks from certain chemical agents and/or certain activities involving chemical agents, the production, manufacture or use at work of the chemical agents and the activities set out in Annex III shall be prohibited to the extent specified therein.

2.Member States may permit derogations from requirements of paragraph 1 in the following circumstances:

The exposure of workers to chemical agents referred to in paragraph 1 must be prevented, in particular by providing that the production and earliest possible use of such chemical agents as intermediates must take place in a single closed system, from which the aforesaid chemical agents may be removed only to the extent necessary to monitor the process or service the system.

Member States may provide for systems of individual authorisations.

3.When derogations are permitted pursuant to paragraph 2, the competent authority shall request the employer to submit the following information:

4.The Council, in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article 118a of the Treaty, may amend the list of prohibitions under paragraph 1 of this Article, to include further chemical agents or activities.