Part 3Confirmation and will writing services

Chapter 1Confirmation services

Regulation of confirmation agents

91Approving bodies

(1)For the purposes of this Chapter, an approving body is a professional or other body which is certified as such by the Scottish Ministers under section 92.

(2)That is, following an application to them by the body under subsection (3).

(3)An application to become an approving body must include—

(a)a copy of the applicant’s proposed regulatory scheme (see section 92(1)(b)),

(b)a description of—

(i)the applicant’s constitution and composition (including internal structure),

(ii)its activities.

(4)The applicant—

(a)must provide the Scottish Ministers with such other information as they may reasonably require for their consideration of its application,

(b)may withdraw its application at any time by giving them written notice to that effect.

(5)There is no restriction on the number of approving bodies that may exist at any time.

(6)The Scottish Ministers may by regulations prescribe fees that they may charge an applicant to become an approving body.