Explanatory Notes

Planning etc. (Scotland) Act 2006

2006 asp 17

20 December 2006

The Act – Section by Section

Part 10 – Miscellaneous and General Provisions

Section 50 – National Scenic Areas

216.This section allows the Scottish Ministers to designate an area as a National Scenic Area by direction, and to vary or revoke the designation. It also enables Ministers to issue guidance for the purpose of this section to which planning authorities must have regard. In deciding whether to designate an area as an National Scenic Area, Ministers will take account of whether the area is of outstanding natural beauty, and of the amenity of the area. It also allows Ministers to make regulations as to:


the form of direction;


the manner in which a National Scenic Area is to be described in any such direction;


the publicity to be given to any such direction, and


other procedural matters in connection with the making of any such direction.