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Part 1 SOffence as to domestic abuse

Meaning given to key expressionsS

10Meaning of references to behaviourS

(1)Subsections (2) to (4) explain what is meant by the references to behaviour in this Part.

(2)Behaviour is behaviour of any kind, including (for example)—

(a)saying or otherwise communicating something as well as doing something,

(b)intentionally failing—

(i)to do something,

(ii)to say or otherwise communicate something.

(3)Behaviour directed at a person is such behaviour however carried out, including (in particular)—

(a)by way of conduct towards property,

(b)through making use of a third party,

as well as behaviour in a personal or direct manner.

(4)A course of behaviour involves behaviour on at least two occasions.

11Meaning of partner and ex-partnerS

(1)Subsections (2) and (3) describe who is a person's partner or ex-partner as referred to in this Part.

(2)Someone is a person's partner if they are—

(a)spouses or civil partners of each other,

(b)living together as if spouses of each other, or

(c)in an intimate personal relationship with each other.

(3)Whether someone is a person's ex-partner is to be determined accordingly.