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Rules determining when international flight is connected flightS

2(1)This paragraph applies if—S

(a)a passenger is carried on consecutive flights, “flight A” and “flight B”, and

(b)flight A and flight B are covered by the same agreement for carriage,

(c)the passenger has a ticket for flight A and flight B that shows the departure airport, date and time, and the arrival airport, for each flight, and

(d)flight B begins at an airport in one country and ends at an airport in another country.

(2)Flight A and flight B are connected flights if the ticketed departure time of flight B is no later than 24 hours after the scheduled arrival time of flight A.

(3)Despite sub-paragraph (2), flight A and flight B are not connected flights if—

(a)the passenger first boards the flight A aircraft in one country, and

(b)the passenger finally disembarks from the flight B aircraft in the same country.

(4)For the purpose of this paragraph—

(a)“scheduled” and “ticketed” have the meanings given in paragraph 1(4), and

(b)the United Kingdom is a single country.