Explanatory Notes

Carers (Scotland) Act 2016

2016 asp 9

9 March 2016

Commentary on Parts

Part 6 – Information and Advice for Carers

Short breaks services statements

Section 35 - Short breaks services statements

110.Subsection (1) requires each local authority to prepare and publish a short breaks services statement. Subsection (2) defines what a “short breaks services statement” means: that is a statement setting out the short break services available in Scotland for carers and cared-for persons.

111.Subsection (3) requires the short breaks services statement to be published in an accessible format and that the information contained within it should be proportionate to the needs of persons within the local authority area. This means that the statement does not need to contain information relating to every short break service in Scotland, only those relevant to the persons who live in that area.

112.Subsection (4) gives the Scottish Ministers a regulation-making power to make further provision about the preparation, publication and review of short breaks services statements. Regulations under this subsection will be subject to the negative procedure (see section 42).