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PART 2 SCremation


Code of practiceS

64Cremation authority: code of practiceS

(1)A cremation authority must comply with any code of practice issued by the Scottish Ministers about the carrying out of functions conferred on the authority by or under this Act in relation to the management of a crematorium (a “cremation code”).

(2)Before issuing any cremation code, the Scottish Ministers must consult—

(a)cremation authorities, and

(b)other persons appearing to the Scottish Ministers to have an interest.

(3)After taking account of any representations received by them by virtue of subsection (2), the Scottish Ministers must lay a draft of the cremation code before the Scottish Parliament.

(4)The Scottish Ministers may not issue a cremation code unless a draft of the code is approved by resolution of the Scottish Parliament.

(5)The Scottish Ministers must publish a cremation code in such manner as they consider appropriate.

(6)The Scottish Ministers must keep under review a cremation code.

(7)In this section, references to a cremation code include references to a cremation code as revised from time to time by the Scottish Ministers.