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PART 7 SPower to provide school education for pre-school children

54Duty to consult and plan in relation to power to provide school education for pre-school childrenS

In section 1 of the 1980 Act, after subsection (2A) insert—

(2B)An education authority must, at least once every two years—

(a)consult such persons as appear to be representative of parents of pre-school children within their area about whether and if so how they should provide school education for such children under subsection (1C) above; and

(b)after having had regard to the views expressed, prepare and publish their plans in relation to the provision of such education for such children under that subsection.

(2C)The Scottish Ministers may by order modify subsection (2B) above so as to vary the regularity within which an education authority must consult and plan in pursuance of that subsection.

(2D)An order made under subsection (2C) above is subject to the negative procedure..


Commencement Information

I1S. 54 in force at 1.8.2014 by S.S.I. 2014/131, art. 2(2)(3), Sch.