PART 1Right to buy

1Abolition of the right to buy

(1)Sections 61 to 81, 84 and 84A of the 1987 Act (right to buy provisions) are repealed.

(2)Section 52 of the 2001 Act (reports on right to buy) is repealed.

(3)Sections 145 to 147 of the 2010 Act (duties to collect information in relation to right to buy) are repealed.

2Amendment of right to buy provisions

In the 1987 Act—

(a)in section 61ZA(1) (limitation on the right to purchase: new tenants), after “occupation” insert “as a tenant”, and

(b)in section 61F (limitation on the right to purchase: new supply social housing), repeal the words “created before the relevant day” in each place where they occur.