PART 1 SThe Scottish Tribunals

CHAPTER 2SOverarching responsibilities

Head of the TribunalsS

6Representation of interestsS

The Lord President is responsible for—

(a)representing the views of the membership of the Scottish Tribunals to—

(i)the Scottish Ministers, and

(ii)the Scottish Parliament,

(b)laying before the Scottish Parliament written representations on matters that appear to the Lord President to be of importance in relation to the Scottish Tribunals (including as to the administration of justice).

7Business arrangementsS

(1)The Lord President is responsible for making and maintaining appropriate arrangements for securing the efficient disposal of business in the Scottish Tribunals.

(2)The Lord President is responsible for ensuring that appropriate arrangements are made and maintained as to the welfare of the members of the Scottish Tribunals.

8Delegation of functionsS

(1)The Lord President may delegate to the President of Tribunals the exercise of any of the functions mentioned in subsection (2).

(2)That is, the functions exercisable by the Lord President by virtue of—

(a)section 7(1) or (2),

(b)section 33(1) or (2), or

(c)section 34(1) or (2).

9Directions on functionsS

(1)The Lord President may give directions to the President of Tribunals as to the exercise of the functions exercisable by the President of Tribunals by virtue of this Act.

(2)Directions under subsection (1) may—

(a)vary or revoke earlier such directions,

(b)relate to particular functions or functions generally.