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SCHEDULE 1SWater shortage orders

Entry warrantsS

13(1)Scottish Water may apply to the sheriff for a warrant authorising it to—S

(a)enter particular premises for the purposes mentioned in paragraph 12(1),

(b)take any steps at the premises which are reasonably required for those purposes.

(2)The sheriff may grant the warrant sought if satisfied—

(a)that there are reasonable grounds for entering the premises for those purposes, and


(i)the first and second conditions are met,

(ii)the third condition is met, or

(iii)the fourth condition is met.

(3)The first condition is that—

(a)admission to the premises has been refused,

(b)the taking of steps at the premises has been obstructed, or

(c)such refusal or obstruction may reasonably be expected.

(4)The second condition is that notice of the intention to seek a warrant has been given to the occupier of the premises.

(5)The third condition is that the premises are unoccupied.

(6)The fourth condition is that the case is one of urgency.

(7)A warrant under sub-paragraph (1)—

(a)allows the use of reasonable force (if required),

(b)remains valid until the purposes mentioned in paragraph 12(1) are fulfilled.

Commencement Information

I1Sch. 1 para. 13 in force at 10.6.2013 by S.S.I. 2013/163, art. 3, Sch.