SCHEDULE 2Further provision about voting in the referendum

PART 4Supply of Polling List etc.

Supply of free copy of register of local government electors etc. to permitted participants

51(1)If a permitted participant so requests, the registration officer must supply free of charge to the participant one copy of—

(a)the full, latest version of the register of local government electors published under section 13(1) or (3) of the 1983 Act,

(b)any notice setting out an alteration of that version of the register issued under—

(i)section 13A(2) of the 1983 Act,

(ii)section 13B(3), (3B) or (3D) of that Act, or

(iii)section 13BB(4) or (5) of that Act,

(c)the postal voters list kept by the officer under paragraph 5(2) of Schedule 4 (absent voting at parliamentary and local government elections) to the Representation of the People Act 2000,

(d)the list of proxies kept by the officer under paragraph 5(3) of that Schedule, and

(e)the proxy postal voters list kept by the officer under paragraph 7(8) of that Schedule.

(2)A request under sub-paragraph (1) must—

(a)be made in writing,

(b)specify the documents requested,

(c)state whether the request is made only in respect of the current documents or whether it includes a request for the supply of any further documents issued, and

(d)state whether a printed copy of any of the documents is requested instead of a version in data form.

(3)Unless a request has been made in advance of supply under sub-paragraph (2)(d), the copy of a document supplied under sub-paragraph (1) is to be in data form.

(4)No person employed by, or assisting (whether or not for reward) a permitted participant to which a document has been supplied under this paragraph may, except for a purpose set out in sub-paragraph (5)—

(a)supply a copy of the document to any person,

(b)disclose any information contained in it (that is not also contained in the edited version of the register of local government electors), or

(c)make use of any such information.

(5)The purposes are—

(a)purposes in connection with the campaign in respect of the referendum identified in the declaration made by the permitted participant under paragraph 2 of schedule 4, and

(b)the purposes of complying with the controls on donations and regulated transactions in that schedule.