Part 1Reservoirs

Chapter 6Other requirements: high-risk reservoirs and medium-risk reservoirs

51Recording of water levels etc. and record keeping

(1)The reservoir manager of a high-risk reservoir or medium-risk reservoir must maintain a record of the following matters in respect of the reservoir (“the recorded matters”) in accordance with this section—

(a)water levels and depth of water in the reservoir, including the flow of water over any waste weir or overflow,



(d)settlements of walls or other works,

(e)such other matters as the Scottish Ministers by regulations specify.

(2)The Scottish Ministers may by regulations make provision as to—

(a)the form of the record to be maintained,

(b)the information to be included in relation to the recorded matters.

(3)A construction engineer, an inspecting engineer or a supervising engineer appointed in relation to the reservoir may give directions to the reservoir manager as to—

(a)the manner in which the information referred to in subsection (2)(b) is to be recorded,

(b)the intervals at which the record is to be updated.

(4)The reservoir manager must comply with any directions under subsection (3).

(5)The reservoir manager must install and maintain such instruments as may be necessary to provide the information to be recorded in relation to the recorded matters.

(6)Sections 56 and 58 make further provision about records to be maintained by the reservoir managers of controlled reservoirs.