SCHEDULEHealth care principles to be upheld by relevant nhs bodies and relevant service providers

(introduced by section 6(1))

Patient focus

1Anything done in relation to the patient takes into account the patient’s needs.

2Patients are treated with dignity and respect.

3Privacy and confidentiality are respected.

4Health care is provided in a caring and compassionate manner.

5Support necessary to receive or access health care is available.

6The patient’s abilities, characteristics and circumstances are considered.

Quality care and treatment

7Regard is had to the importance of providing the optimum benefit to the patient’s health and wellbeing.

8The range of options available in the patient’s case is considered.

9Health care is based on current recognised clinical guidance.

10No avoidable harm or injury is to be caused to the patient by the health care provided.

11Patients are cared for in an appropriate environment which is as clean and safe as is reasonably possible.

Patient participation

12Patients participate as fully as possible in decisions relating to the patient’s health and wellbeing.

13Patients are provided with such information and support as is necessary to enable them to participate in accordance with paragraph 12 and in relation to any related processes (general or specific).

14Patients are encouraged to treat any person involved in the delivery of health care with dignity and respect.


15Communication about a patient’s health and wellbeing is clear, accessible and understood.

16Communication about general services and processes and decisions is clear, accessible and understood.


17Issues of concern are dealt with reasonably, promptly and in accordance with proper procedures.


18Waste of resources in the provision of health care is avoided.