Forth Crossing Act 2011


12Trunk roadsS

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(1)Each proposed road identified in schedule 3 or 4 becomes a trunk road on the date this subsection comes into force.

(2)A road identified in schedule 5 becomes a trunk road on such date as is determined by Ministers.

(3)A road designated under section 11 as a special road which is not already a trunk road becomes a trunk road on the day it becomes a special road.

(4)Ministers must—

(a)give notice of a determination (and of the date from which it takes effect) to—

(i)the local authority for each area through which the road runs, and

(ii)the navigation authority for any water which the road crosses, and

(b)take such steps as they consider reasonable to bring the determination, and the date from which it takes effect, to the attention of the public.

(5)Section 112 of the 1984 Act applies (with any necessary modifications) where a road becomes a trunk road by virtue of subsection (2) or (3).

(6)Nothing in this section prevents Ministers from detrunking a road which becomes a trunk road under this section (or any part of such a road) by making a subsequent order to that effect under section 5 of the 1984 Act.

(7)In the definition of “trunk road” in section 151(1) of the 1984 Act, after “Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997” insert “ or by virtue of section 12 of the Forth Crossing Act 2011 (asp 2) ”.