Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011


13Interpretation of Part 1S

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(1)In this Part—

  • action notice” means a notice issued under section 7,

  • authority” means an authority to which this Part applies (see section 2),

  • the Keeper” means the Keeper of the Records of Scotland,

  • management”, in relation to public records, includes keeping, storage, securing, archiving, preservation, destruction or other disposal (and “manage” and other related expressions are to be construed accordingly),

  • public records”, in relation to an authority, has the meaning given by section 3(1),

  • record” means anything in which information is recorded in any form,

  • records management plan”, in relation to an authority, means the plan referred to in section 1(1),

  • records management review” means a review carried out under section 6.

(2)Except where the context requires otherwise, references in this Part to an authority's records management plan include references to the plan as revised from time to time.