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Part 15 SAppeals

Appeal against decision of children's hearingS


(1)This section applies where an appeal under section 154 is made.

(2)The Principal Reporter must lodge with the sheriff clerk a copy of—

(a)the decision, and the reasons for the decision, of the children's hearing,

(b)all information provided by virtue of rules under section 177 to the children's hearing, and

(c)the report of the children's hearing.

(3)The appeal must not be heard in open court.

(4)The sheriff may (but need not) hear evidence before determining the appeal.

(5)The sheriff may hear evidence from—

(a)the child,

(b)a relevant person in relation to the child,

(c)an author or compiler of a report or statement provided to the children's hearing that made the decision,

(d)the Principal Reporter,

(e)where the appeal is against a decision to make, grant, vary or continue an order or warrant including a secure accommodation authorisation in respect of the child—

(i)the person in charge of the secure accommodation specified in the secure accommodation authorisation, and

(ii)the chief social work officer, and

(f)any other person who the sheriff considers may give material additional evidence.

(6)The sheriff may require any person to give a report to the sheriff for the purpose of assisting the sheriff in determining the appeal.

(7)Subsection (6) applies in relation to a safeguarder only if regulations under [F1section 34] so provide.

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