Part 5Social care and social work: scrutiny and improvement

Chapter 4Local authority adoption and fostering services etc.

87Right to make representations to SCSWIS under Chapter 4 as respects conditions

(1)This section applies to—

(a)a notice under section 84(1)(b),

(b)a local authority condition notice, and

(c)a notice under section 86(4).

(2)The notice must state that, within 14 days after service of the notice, the local authority to which it is given may make written representations to SCSWIS about any matter which the authority wishes to dispute.

(3)Where the notice has been given, SCSWIS may do the thing proposed only after (whichever first occurs)—

(a)if the authority makes representations under subsection (2), it has considered those representations,

(b)the authority notifies SCSWIS in writing that such representations will not be made, or

(c)the period of 14 days so mentioned elapses without such representations being made and without SCSWIS receiving such notification.

(4)In the circumstances mentioned in subsection (3)(b) or (c), SCSWIS must do the thing proposed unless it appears to it that it would be inappropriate to do so.