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Process for all schoolsS

1Overview of key requirementsS

(1)Subsection (2) applies where, in relation to any school, an education authority has formulated a relevant proposal.

(2)Before proceeding with the proposal, the education authority must comply with the initial and subsequent requirements set out in subsections (3) and (4).

(3)The initial requirements are—

(a)to prepare an educational benefits statement in accordance with section 3,

(b)to prepare (and publish) a proposal paper in accordance with section 4,

(c)to give notice of the proposal to the relevant consultees (and invite representations) in accordance with section 6,

(d)to hold (and give notice of) a public meeting in accordance with section 7,

(e)to involve HMIE in accordance with section 8.

(4)The subsequent requirements are—

(a)to review the proposal in accordance with section 9(1),

(b)to prepare (and publish) a consultation report in accordance with sections 9 and 10.

[F1(4A)In the case of a closure proposal in relation to a rural school, the education authority must also comply with—

(a)the preliminary requirements set out in section 12A when it is formulating the proposal,

(b)the additional consultation requirements set out in section 13.]

(5)In subsection (2), the reference to proceeding with the proposal is to—

(a)deciding to implement it (wholly or partly), or

(b)implementing it (wholly or partly).

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