Housing (Scotland) Act 2010

57Appointment of manager for housing activities

This section has no associated Explanatory Notes

(1)This section applies where the Regulator, having made inquiries or otherwise, considers—

(a)that a social landlord is, or is at risk of, failing—

(i)to achieve a standard or an outcome set out in the Scottish Social Housing Charter,

(ii)to meet a performance improvement target,

(iii)to implement an approved performance improvement plan, or

(iv)to comply with an enforcement notice, and

(b)that a person needs to be appointed in order to ensure that the social landlord provides housing services to an appropriate standard.

(2)The Regulator may appoint, or require the social landlord to appoint, a manager—

(a)to manage its housing activities generally, or

(b)to manage particular aspects of those activities.

(3)Before appointing or requiring appointment of a manager for a local authority or a local authority landlord, the Regulator must—


(i)the local authority or local authority landlord,

(ii)such bodies representing local authorities as it thinks fits, and

(iii)the Accounts Commission for Scotland, and

(b)have regard to views expressed by those consulted by such time as the Regulator may specify.