Part 2Registered social landlords

Removal from register

28Voluntary de-registration

(1)The Regulator must set de-registration criteria to be applied where a registered social landlord seeks to be removed from the register (and may set different criteria for different types of bodies or cases).

(2)A registered social landlord may ask the Regulator to remove it from the register on the ground that it meets the de-registration criteria.

(3)The Regulator, if satisfied that the landlord meets the de-registration criteria, must remove the landlord from the register.

(4)Before setting or revising de-registration criteria, the Regulator must consult—


(b)tenants of registered social landlords or their representatives,

(c)registered social landlords or their representatives, and

(d)secured creditors of registered social landlords or their representatives.

(5)The Regulator must make arrangements for bringing the de-registration criteria (and any revision) to the attention of those affected by them.