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Part 2 SRegulation of licensed legal services

Chapter 1SApproved regulators

Relationship with other bodiesS

35Financial inspection by SocietyS

(1)If the relevant consent is given under subsection (4)(b) of section 34, the Law Society may take the step mentioned in subsection (5) of that section.

(2)The licensed provider must co-operate with the Society in connection with the taking of the step.

(3)But the Society does not have authority to take the step (or enter the premises) unless the Society has—

(a)consulted the approved regulator about the taking of it, and

(b)given the licensed provider at least 48 hours notice of the taking of it.

(4)Following the taking of the step, the Society—

(a)must report its findings to—

(i)the approved regulator, and

(ii)the Scottish Ministers,

(b)in the report to the Scottish Ministers, may request that they take such action (or further action) under this Part as they consider appropriate.

(5)In this section, the references to taking the step mentioned in section 34(5) are to its being taken by the Society's representatives as appointed for the purpose of this section.


Commencement Information

I1S. 35 in force at 2.7.2012 by S.S.I. 2012/152, art. 2, Sch.