Explanatory Notes

Crofting Reform (Scotland) Act 2010

2010 asp 14

6 August 2010

The Act

Part 2 – the Crofting Register

The registration schedule

Section 11: The registration schedule

33.Subsection (1) requires the Keeper to make up and maintain a registration schedule of every croft registered in the Crofting Register. Subsection (2) outlines the information that must be contained on the registration schedule. This includes a map-based description of the registered croft (which will provide certainty over the full extent of the land) and the name and designation of persons with an interest in the croft i.e. any crofter, owner-occupier crofter, landlord or owner. The registration schedule must also contain any other information that the Keeper considers appropriate. Subsection (3) provides that where an application for registration of a croft includes land which is registered as part of another croft, or a common grazing or land held runrig, the Keeper may not enter that land in the registration schedule of the croft but may register the croft omitting that land.

34.Subsection (5) requires the Keeper to issue a copy of the registration schedule or part of the registration schedule upon request. Subsection (6) provides that this is to be known as an office copy and will act as sufficient evidence of the information pertaining to an interest in a croft held on the Register. Subsection (7) allows the Scottish Ministers, by order, to modify section 11(2) to add to the matters mentioned there any other matters they consider should be included in the registration schedule.