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Applications to register tartansS

9Registration and request for a woven sampleS

(1)Where an application is accepted, the Keeper must make an entry in the Register in respect of the tartan to which the application relates.

(2)An entry is to contain such particulars as the Keeper thinks fit (including any information contained in the application to which the entry relates).

(3)Following the making of an entry, the Keeper must send the applicant, in paper form, a certificate of registration.

(4)The certificate is to contain such information as the Keeper may from time to time specify; and such specification may make different provision for different purposes.

(5)On payment of the appropriate fee by the applicant, the Keeper may send the applicant a copy of the certificate of registration.

(6)Where an application did not include a woven textile sample as mentioned in section 6(9), the Keeper may, when sending a certificate of registration to an applicant or at any later time, request the applicant to submit such a sample.