Explanatory Notes

Public Health etc. (Scotland) Act 2008

2008 asp 5

16 July 2008

The Act – Overview

Part 3 .Public Health Investigations

Public health investigations

Section 21 Public health investigations

41.This section states what a public health investigation is and outlines who may carry out such an investigation. Subsection (2) provides that the Scottish Ministers, a health board competent person, the Common Services Agency, (d)a local authority competent person, or two or more of these acting together, may appoint a person to carry out a public health investigation. In this Part, that person is referred to as an “investigator”. A health board competent person or a local authority competent person may be appointed as an investigator. Subsection (4) enables the investigator to exercise the powers relating to entry to premises in section 22, other investigatory powers in section 23, and powers relating to questioning in section 24.