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SCHEDULE 2SAccruing resources of the Scottish Administration which may be used without individual limit

Part 10S[F1Finance and Sustainable Growth portfolio]

Textual Amendments

Overall amount: [F2£212,100,000]

Type of accruing resourcesPurpose
2. Income in respect of legal costs recovered by the Local Government Boundary CommissionPayments to the Local Government Boundary Commission
3. Administration charges in respect of services undertaken by the Scottish Public Pensions AgencyRunning costs of the Scottish Public Pensions Agency
4. Recovery of grant awarded to local authorities under the Bellwin scheme covering floods, storms, and other emergenciesExpenditure on floods, storms and other emergencies
[F45. Repayment of loans by Scottish WaterExpenditure on Scottish Water
6. Recovery of unused grant from the third sectorExpenditure on the third sector
7. Fees for functions carried out by the Scottish Building Standards AgencyExpenditure of the Scottish Building Standards Agency
8. Refunds of grants for Regional Selective Assistance including Innovation and InvestmentExpenditure on Regional Selective Assistance including Innovation and Investment
9. Electricity Statutory Consent feesExpenditure on the administration of consents for the provision of energy
10. Rents from land and propertyExpenditure on motorways and trunk roads
11. Any sums accruing as a result of the dissolution of Scottish Transport GroupPayments to former members of Scottish Transport Group pension schemes
12. Sums accruing from Enterprise related activitiesExpenditure on Enterprise related activities
13. Income from European Union including the European Social Fund and the European Regional Development FundExpenditure on European Union eligible support]
[F514. Income from EU Commission in respect of reclaim of administration costs for Intermediate Administration BodiesExpenditure on the administration of Intermediate Administration Bodies
15. Income from repayment of public dividend capitalExpenditure on Finance and Sustainable Growth programmes]

Textual Amendments

F3Words in sch. 2 Pt. 10 omitted (6.12.2007) by virtue of Budget (Scotland) Act 2007 Amendment Order 2007 (S.S.I. 2007/551), arts. 1(1), 4(11)(b)