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Part 1SAdoption

Chapter 1SThe adoption service

The adoption serviceS


(1)Subsection (2) applies where a local authority is carrying out its function under section 1 to continue to provide, or to provide, an adoption service or to secure the provision of such a service.

(2)The local authority must have regard to any guidance given by the Scottish Ministers.

(3)Guidance such as is mentioned in subsection (2) may, in particular, contain provision in relation to—

(a)how a local authority should assess (or reassess) the needs of a person for adoption support services,

(b)how the power conferred by section 9(1)(b) should be exercised,

(c)the classes of person in relation to whom that power should be exercised,

(d)how responsibility for the provision of an adoption service should be transferred from one local authority to another.

(4)The Scottish Ministers may vary or revoke any guidance such as is mentioned in subsection (2).

Commencement Information

I1S. 5 in force at 28.9.2009 by S.S.I. 2009/267, arts. 1(2), 2 (with arts. 3-21) (as amended (7.5.2012) by S.S.I. 2012/99, art. 2)