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SCHEDULE 3SExpenses of money attachment

Expenses chargeable against the debtorS

1There is to be chargeable against the debtor any expenses incurred—

(a)subject to section 90(7) of the 1987 Act, in serving a charge;

(b)in executing a money attachment;

(c)in relation to a valuation arranged under section 180(1) of this Act (including the fees and outlays of the person who carried out the valuation);

(d)in making a report under section 182(1) of this Act but not in applying for an extension of time for the making of such a report;

(e)in applying for a payment order under section 183(2) of this Act;

(f)in granting a receipt and making a report to the sheriff under section 188(4) of this Act;

(g)in giving a statement under section 189(1) of this Act;

(h)in removing money from the place at which is was found;

(i)in opening shut and lockfast places for that purpose;

(j)by a solicitor in instructing [F1an officer of court] to take any of the steps specified in this paragraph.