Glasgow Airport Rail Link Act 2007 Explanatory Notes

The Act

3.The Act will grant powers to SPT and its successors (for an explanation of successors to SPT see paragraph 7). In the Act the body exercising the powers is called “the authorised undertaker”. The Act will enable the authorised undertaker to build new railway works. All the other powers in the Act, including the other works described below, are required in connection with the construction of the new railway works. In particular, the Act grants compulsory purchase powers. This will ensure that the authorised undertaker will be able to acquire the land or rights in land that are required for the works to be constructed and operated. Paragraphs 4 to 6 below outline the purpose of the Act in greater detail.

4.The principal purpose of the Act is to give statutory authority to SPT and its successors (in the Act called “the authorised undertaker”) for the construction of works to provide a new railway service between Glasgow Airport and Glasgow Central Station. The works comprise:

  • the construction of a new railway spur from a new elevated station at Glasgow

  • Airport, passing on viaduct over the M8 motorway, across St James’ Park and the Murray Industrial Area and joining with the existing railway east of Paisley St James Station; and works to the existing railway including the remodelling of Wallneuk Junction east of Paisley Gilmour Street Station; additional track between Arkleston Junction and Shields Junction and at Elderslie; and additional track and new platform at Glasgow Central Station.

5.In connection with these principal works the Act also provides for the alteration of a length of Murray Street and the construction of a new access road leading off the slip road to the M8 at Glasgow Airport. Diversions will be provided. In addition, the Act enables the authorised undertaker to construct miscellaneous works and do other things within the limits of deviation and limits of land to be acquired or used (see paragraph 26 and 65 for explanation) that are required in connection with or in consequence of the railway works including the provision of replacement aviation fuel farm facilities at Glasgow Airport. In the Act the works that will enable these miscellaneous things to be done are called “the ancillary works”.

6.Provision is also included for the compulsory acquisition of land for the scheme.

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