SCHEDULE 2Roads subject to alteration of layout

(introduced by section 3)

Sheet on Parliamentary plansRoad subject to alteration of layoutDescription of alteration
In the local government area of the City of Edinburgh—
1 and 2Princes StreetRealignment of kerbline between points K1 and K14, and K11 and K13
1South St. David Street and North St. David StreetRealignment of kerbline between points K1 and K3, and K2 and K4
1South St. Andrew Street and North St. Andrew StreetRealignment of kerbline between points K5 and K9, and K6 and K10
1Queen StreetRealignment of kerbline and revised road layout between points K6 and K7, and K8 and K8A
2Shandwick Place, Rutland Street, Lothian Road, Princes Street and South Charlotte StreetRealignment of junction and revision of kerblines, shown generally as RJ1
2 and 3Shandwick PlaceRealignment of kerbline between points K16 and K18, and K15 and K17
3West Maitland Street, Torphichen Place, and Torphichen StreetRealignment of junction and revision of kerblines, shown generally as RJ2
3Haymarket Terrace, Clifton Terrace, Haymarket, West Maitland Street, Grosvenor Street, Dalry Road, and Morrison Street.Realignment of junction and revision of kerblines, shown generally as RJ3 and RJ4
3 and 4Haymarket Yards to Haymarket Station car parkRealignment of road between points P4C and P4D
3 and 4Haymarket YardsRealignment of road between points P4D and P4U
3 and 4Haymarket Yards and Haymarket TerraceRealignment of kerblines between points K19 and K23, K20 and K21, and K22 and K23
12Cultins Road and Hermiston Gait RoundaboutRevised road layout between points K24 and K25, K26 and K27, and between points K28, K29, K30 and K28
14Lochside AvenueRevised kerblines between points K31 and K32, and K33 and K34
14Lochside CrescentRevised kerblines between points K35, K36, K37 and K35
14Edinburgh ParkRevised kerblines between points K38 and K39, and K40 and K41
15New access roadNew road layout between points K42 and K43, and K44, K45 and K46, and K47 and K45
15A8 Glasgow Road roundaboutRevised kerblines between points K41a and K41b, and K41c and K41d
20 and 21Burnside Road and Jubilee RoadRevised kerblines between points K48 and K48a, K50 and K50c, K48c and K48b, K50B and K51, and K48c and K49
22 and 23A8 Glasgow Road and Fairview RoadRevised kerblines between points K52, K53 and K52, K54 and K55 and between K56 and K57, K58 and K59, K60 and K61, K62 and K63
24Station RoadRevised kerblines between points K64 and K65
25 and 26Harvest RoadRevised road layout between the commencement of Work No 13 and the junction with Clifton Hall Road
25 and 26Harvest Road and Clifton Hall RoadRevised kerblines between points K66 and K67, K68 and K69, K70 and K71, K72 and K73, K76 and K77, and between K74 and K75, and between points K78 and K79 and K80 and K81
26Industrial Estate Access Road at Newbridge, the B7030 and Old Liston RoadRevised kerblines between points K82 and K83, K84 and K85, K86 and K87, K88 and K89, K90 and K91, K92 and K93, K94 and K95, K96 and K97, K98 and K99, K100 and K101, K102 and K103, K104 and K105, K106 and K107, K108 and K109, K110 and K111 and between K112, K113, K114 and K112