The Act

Part 1: Electoral Administration

Election expenses

Section 18 Financial limits applying to candidates’ election expenses

38.This section amends provisions in the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 dealing with financial limits applying to candidates’ election expenses.

39.The section removes subsection (6) of section 132 of the 2000 Act and extends, in relation to local government elections in Scotland, some of the changes made by that section to section 76 of the 1983 Act.  Section 132(2) inserts a new section 76(1) and the effect is to align this provision with the new definition of election expenses inserted in section 90A by section 134 of the 2000 Act.  Section 132(4) inserts new subsection (1B) into section 76 which  re-casts the criminal offence of exceeding the election expenses limit so that it is in similar terms to parallel offences created by this Act in respect of, for example, campaign expenditure by political parties.