Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006 Explanatory Notes

Parliamentary History

257.The following table sets out, for each stage of the proceedings in the Scottish Parliament on the Bill for this Act, the dates on which the proceedings at that Stage took place, the references to the Official Report of these proceedings, the dates on which Committee Reports and other papers relating to the Act were published, and references to those Reports and other papers.

Proceedings and ReportsReference
5 October 2005Bill as Introduced (SP Bill 47)
Stage 1
Subordinate Legislation Committee
36th Meeting, 20 December 2005Cols 1466-1475
1st Meeting, 10 January 2006Cols 1482-1487
2nd Meeting, 17 January 2006Cols 1499-1502
Environment and Rural Development Committee
25th Meeting, 5 October 2005Cols 2266
26th Meeting, 26 October 2005Cols 2267
30th Meeting, 23 November 2005Cols 2411-2434
31st Meeting, 30 November 2005Cols 2437-2464
32nd Meeting, 7 December 2005Cols 2468-2501
33rd Meeting, 14 December 2005Cols 2518-2551
34th Meeting, 21 December 2005Cols 2565-2601
1st Meeting, 11 January 2006Cols 2603-2640
1st Report, 2006 (Session 3), 7 February 2006Stage 1 Report on the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Bill (SP Paper 502)
Considered by the Parliament
Stage 1 Debate, 23 February 2006Cols 23431-23480
Stage 2
Environment and Rural Development Committee
9th Meeting, 15 March 20062854-2892
10th Meeting, 22 March 20062899-2935
11th Meeting, 29 March 20062955-2990
After Stage 2
Subordinate Legislation Committee
17th Meeting, 23 May 2006Cols 1830-1836
18th Meeting, 30 May 2006Cols 1845-1850
25th Report, 2006, 31 May 2006 on the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Bill as amended at Stage 2.SP Paper 585
Stage 3
Consideration by the Parliament
Stage 3 Debate, 31 May 2006Cols 26130-26216
Bill Passed 31 May 2006Bill as passed (SP Bill 47B)
Royal Assent – 11 July 2006SP Business Bulletin No 112/2006

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