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Part 2 U.K.Public order etc.

Chapter 3SOther provisions

Offensive weaponsS

75Sale of knives and articles with blade or point to young personsS

(1)Section 141A of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 (c. 33) (sale of knives etc. to persons under 16) is amended as follows.

(2)In subsection (1)—

(a)at the beginning there is inserted “ Subject to subsection (3A) below ”; and

(b)for “sixteen” there is substituted “ eighteen ”.

(3)In subsection (2)—

(a)the word “and” immediately following paragraph (b) is repealed; and

(b)after that paragraph there is inserted—

(ba)any sword; and.

(4)After subsection (3) there is inserted—

(3A)It is not an offence under subsection (1) to sell a knife or knife blade to a person if—

(a)the person is aged 16 or over; and

(b)the knife or blade is designed for domestic use..

(5)The side note to that section becomes “ “Sale of knives and certain articles with blade or point to persons under eighteen ”.