Police, Public Order and Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2006

55“Football matches” and “regulated football matches”S
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(1)In this Chapter, references to football matches—

(a)are to association football matches; and

(b)are to matches played or intended to be played.

(2)For the purposes of this Chapter, the following are regulated football matches—

(a)football matches within subsection (3); and

(b)such other football matches, anywhere in the world, as may be prescribed by order made by the Scottish Ministers.

(3)The football matches within this subsection are—

(a)football matches anywhere in the United Kingdom where one or both of the participating teams—

(i)represents a country or territory;

(ii)represents a club which is for the time being a member of the Scottish Premier League or the Scottish Football League;

(iii)represents a club which is for the time being a member (whether a full or associate member) of the Football League, the Football Association Premier League, the Football Conference or the League of Wales;

[F1(aa)football matches anywhere in the United Kingdom, not falling within paragraph (a)–

(i)which are part of a competition or tournament organised by, or under the authority of, the Federation Internationale de Football Associations (“FIFA”) or the Union of European Football Associations (“UEFA”); and

(ii)where one or both of the participating teams represents a club which is for the time being a member (whether a full or associate member) of, or affiliated to, a national football association which is a member of FIFA;]

(b)football matches outside the United Kingdom involving—

(i)a national team appointed to represent Scotland, England or Wales by, respectively, the Scottish Football Association, the Football Association or the Football Association of Wales;

(ii)a team representing a club mentioned in paragraph (a)(ii) or (iii).

(4)The Scottish Ministers may by order modify subsection (3) so as to—

(a)add a description of football matches, anywhere in the world;

(b)remove such a description;

(c)amend such a description.

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