Police, Public Order and Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2006

14Annual plans of the AgencyS
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(1)At least 3 months before the beginning of each financial year, the Director General of the Agency must—

(a)prepare; and

(b)submit to the Authority,

a plan setting out the proposed arrangements for the carrying out by the Agency of its functions during the year (the “annual plan”).

(2)The annual plan must specify—

(a)any strategic priorities determined under section 13(1);

(b)any directions such as are mentioned in section 30(2);

(c)the funding expected to be available to the Agency for the financial year to which the plan relates; and

(d)how the Director General proposes to allocate the funding.

(3)The Authority must, no later than 2 months from the date on which the annual plan is submitted to it—

(a)approve the plan as submitted; or

(b)approve the plan subject to such modifications as the Authority considers appropriate.

(4)The Authority must not, in pursuance of subsection (3)(b), make any modifications which would, or might, affect decisions of the Agency about which particular operations are to be carried out by it or how they are to be carried out.

(5)On the annual plan being approved by the Authority, the Director General must—

(a)publish it in such manner as the Director General considers appropriate; and

(b)send a copy of it to the persons specified in subsection (6).

(6)Those persons are—

(a)the Scottish Ministers;

(b)chief constables of police forces;

(c)police bodies; and

(d)such other persons as the Director General considers appropriate.