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Part 1SFurther and higher education etc.

Fundable bodies: miscellaneousS

28Inspection of accountsS

(1)The Auditor General for Scotland may, at any reasonable time, inspect the accounts and accounting records of any fundable body [F1or of any of a regional strategic body's colleges].

(2)But the function under subsection (1) is exercisable only in relation to accounts and records which relate to a financial year in which expenditure to which this subsection applies is incurred.

(3)Subsection (2) applies to expenditure which has been funded (in whole or part) by payments made by the Council under section 12 [F2or, as the case may be, by a regional strategic body under section 12B].


Amendments (Textual)

Commencement Information

I1S. 28 in force at 3.10.2005 by S.S.I. 2005/419, art. 2(1)