Part 2Fire and rescue services

Chapter 8Central supervision and support


44Functions of Inspectors of Fire and Rescue Authorities

(1)The Scottish Ministers may direct a person appointed under section 43 to—

(a)inquire into a matter mentioned in subsection (2); and

(b)to submit to them a written report on that matter by a date specified by them.

(2)Those matters are—

(a)the state and efficiency of relevant authorities generally;

(b)the manner in which—

(i)a relevant authority is carrying out any of its functions under this Act; or

(ii)relevant authorities are carrying out such functions generally;

(c)technical matters relating to a function of a relevant authority under this Act.

(3)The Scottish Ministers shall lay a copy of each report submitted to them under subsection (1)(b) on the matter mentioned in subsection (2)(a) before the Scottish Parliament.