Explanatory Notes

Fire (Scotland) Act 2005

2005 asp 5

1 April 2005

The Act – Section by Section

Part 2 – Fire and Rescue Services

Chapter 4 – Water supply
Section 19 – Agreements in relation to water supply

31.This section re-enacts section 14(1) and 15(1) of the 1947 Act and allows a relevant authority to enter into agreements with Scottish Water or with persons other than Scottish Water in order to secure the use of water; to improve access to water; or to lay and maintain pipes and to carry out other works in connection with the use of water. Subsection (2) allows for any agreement to include terms for payment, other than for the purposes covered by section 9A of the Water (Scotland) Act 1980.

32.Subsection (3) places a requirement on Scottish Water not to unreasonably refuse to enter into an agreement in relation to water supply and subsection (4) provides that Scottish Ministers may determine whether any refusal by Scottish Water to enter into an agreement under this section is unreasonable.